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DHE Heavy Duty Forklift Slippers Class 2-Standard Width-2100mm

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Enhance the weight handling performance of your forklifts with these durable slippers. Manufactured using high-grade steel, these slippers are extremely easy to install and come packaged with all the necessary hardware for installation.

These slippers are not very bulky and can be moved or transported with ease. They come in a pairs and simply slide over each of the tines. Suitable for 1 tonne to 2.5-tonne forklifts, these slippers are quite rugged and can be used in extreme weather conditions. Including seaside locations like docks.

2100mm Fork Extensions 3,000kg Class 2/3

These slippers will fit forklifts up to 4 Ton with maximum fork width 125mm & maximum thickness 50mm

Our 1800mm Fork Extensions comply with Australian standards and are a great solution for anyone looking to expand the capabilities of their forklift(s). We personally use these extensions in our own warehouse for long pallets, packages etc. and they really get us out of trouble quite frequently. Installation couldn’t be simpler: it’s just a matter of sliding them on and re-inserting the locking pins.

  • Dimensions (single): 2100mm x 145mm x 70mm
  • Pocket Size 130mm x 55mm
  • Package includes 2x fork extensions with locking pins
  • Easy installation onto existing fork tynes
  • Black finish
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